Thank you for using Sumar y Restar, your automatic generator for arithmetics.

This web will help you in generating documents filled with arithmetics operations to be solved by your childrens. So you can help them to improve their arithmetics capabilities.

You can choose the operations using the menu above.

These are the features of Sumar y Restar:

Easy use

Sumar y Restar is based in easy-to-use sliders. You just choose the values of each operation and click on "Generate". You will get a solutions page with in the document


You can choose not only the number of digits in the operations but the number of operations with carry-on digits. This way you can choose the difficulty according to your childrens level.


Sumar y Restar is free. But if your feel this tool helps you, please help us maintaining this site using the donate button below..


We plan to incorporate new features to Sumar y Restar. Visit us frequently to find out, or follow us in twitter in our account @sumaryrestar